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Music production and sound engineering lessons are available for students of any age. I always try to tailor every lesson to the individual student - where they are at, what they are interested in learning and what I can recommend for them to work on.

I have over 15 years experience in sound engineering, as a working professional and a teacher. My other job is running my own music studio called Jelly Sound. Music recorded, produced, mixed or mastered by me has received millions of online streams, been #1 in the ARIA charts, seen bands go on to do sell out tours around the world and win awards, and been played on many radio stations. I have been nominated for West Australian producer of the year at the WA Music awards. I've also taught and mentored many students, some of which have gone on to become successful audio engineers themselves.


Examples of some things taught in lessons are:

- The fundamentals of EQ, compression, reverb and saturation

- Microphone choice and placement

- Finding the best workflow when mixing

- Production and arrangement skills

- The ins and outs of recording and mixing different instruments

- Electronic production and beat making

- Mastering your tracks

Lessons are $45 for half an hour and $80 for an hour.

Groups of 2 are $25 per person for half an hour or $45 for one hour.

Groups of 3 or more are $20 per person for half an hour or $30 for one hour.

Lessons are available weekly, fortnightly, or on a casual basis.

For school students, I am happy to either follow the term dates or continue through the holidays.

Cancellation policy: if you let me know you're unable to make it before the day of the lesson, you are welcome to cancel or reschedule free of charge. Cancellations on the day of the lesson are charged at half the lesson fee, and absence without notice is charged at the full fee.

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