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Drum lessons are available for beginner, intermediate or advanced students of any age. I always try to tailor every lesson to the individual student - where they are at, what they are interested in learning and what I can recommend for them to work on.


I teach the drum kit in most styles, such as rock, pop, alternative, jazz, funk, reggae, metal, progressive rock and more. With 20 years teaching experience and an extensive background as a performer including being nominated for West Australian drummer of the year, I can help you achieve your goals whether you're a beginner looking to play on your own or in a band for fun, or a more advanced player looking to further your skills and knowledge.

I have written and collected a lot of drum teaching material over the years, from simple beginner beats and songs through to advanced techniques and exercises. I've also finished a first edition of my own drum book, titled 'The Big Book of Beats'. The book is a collection of beats from popular songs, categorised into the different rhythms and techniques that they use, and is the largest collection of its kind that I can find anywhere in the world (really!). I often use pages from this book along with other songs, exercises and textbook material in my lessons. This teaching approach has been proven to receive consistently positive responses and outcomes from students - see the 'testimonials' section and google reviews!

Examples of some things taught in lessons are:

- Drum beats and fills, from simple to advanced

- Learning whole songs in a variety of genres and playing along to tracks

- Drumstick, feet and coordination techniques and exercises

- Reading and writing drum music

- Playing and improvising in a band, group or solo context

- Drum tuning and getting the desired sound out of your kit

Lessons are $45 for half an hour and $80 for an hour.

Groups of 2 are $25 per person for half an hour or $45 for one hour.

Groups of 3 or more are $20 per person for half an hour or $30 for one hour.

Lessons are available weekly, fortnightly, or on a casual basis.

For school students, I am happy to either follow the term dates or continue through the holidays.

Cancellation policy: if you let me know you're unable to make it before the day of the lesson, you are welcome to cancel or reschedule free of charge. Cancellations on the day of the lesson are charged at half the lesson fee, and absence without notice is charged at the full fee.

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