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Drum kit
Acoustic guitar
Audio mixing desk

I offer lessons in guitar, drums, bass guitar, ukulele, music theory, composition and songwriting, and music production / sound engineering.

One on one lessons, group lessons or band lessons are all available for any ages, skill levels and styles. My youngest student is currently 4 and my oldest is 75 - age is no barrier to playing and enjoying music! Beginners are welcome. Lessons are held at my home studio, centrally located in Mount Lawley or at your place if you are in a surrounding suburb and my schedule permits. I may also be able to travel to other suburbs for a $10 surcharge.

Lessons are $40 for half an hour or $70 for one hour.

Groups of 2 are $25 per person for half an hour or $40 for one hour.

Groups of 3 or more are $20 per person for half an hour or $30 for one hour.

Lessons are available weekly, fortnightly, or on a casual basis.

For school students, I am happy to either follow the term dates or continue through the holidays.

My teaching method is designed to cover technique and theory in an exciting and comprehensive way, starting from scratch through to an advanced level, by teaching an adaptable selection of contemporary music that is enjoyable and relevant to learn. This method has been thoroughly tested and refined over the course of 20 years, and has been proven to receive consistently positive responses and outcomes from students - see the 'testimonials' section! 

The guitar and drum tuition books that I've written often form the basis for the lessons, especially for beginner students. These books have been refined by me over the course of my teaching career as a reflection of teaching materials and methods that have worked particularly well in lessons. These books are usually supplemented, or sometimes replaced with, some of the large collection of other teaching materials that I've put together depending on the student, their age, interests and amount of practice.

I am also very qualified and experienced at teaching music theory and sound engineering, having completed a music degree majoring in composition at UWA, and having run a music studio that has produced many highly successful records for over a decade. Topics covered include recording, mixing, mastering, production and much more.

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