My other 'day job' is working as an audio engineer under the name Jelly Sound, mostly out of my studio at home and occasionally out of Tone City Studio in Scarborough. I've worked on lots of successful music by hundreds of artists, so I'm more than happy to teach anyone about audio production and engineering!

I'm also always happy to take on more recording, mixing or mastering work - feel free to get in touch via the contact form if you're interested.

Recording: $350 p/day @ my studio or $500 p/day @ Tone City

Mixing: $350 p/track

Mastering: $75 p/track

Some artists I've worked with: Felicity Groom, Psychedelic Prn Crumpets, The Growl, Pond, Gum, Sly Withers, Abbe May, Hamjam, Jack Davies, Pow! Negro, Gunns, The Silents, Segue, Gazey, Doctopus, Diger Rokwell, Grace Sanders, Usurper of Modern Medicine, DV Stargaze, Wooly Mammoth, Web Rumors, Benjamin Witt, Phoneline Valentine, Turtle Bay Television.

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