Guitar lessons are available for beginner, intermediate or advanced students of any age.


I teach electric, acoustic and bass guitar in most styles, such as rock, pop, alternative, blues, classical, jazz, funk, metal, progressive rock and more. Ukulele lessons are also available.

I am the author of a guitar book titled 'Modern Guitar for Beginners' which I have refined over many years using teaching material that has worked particularly well in lessons. The book is designed to teach fundamentals of technique and theory by using popular songs that are fun and interesting to learn. This usually forms the foundation of my beginner guitar lessons, along with a range of other teaching material that I've written and collected during my years of teaching. 'Modern Guitar for Beginners' has been used by myself and several other teachers that I've mentored to teach countless students, and has been proven to receive consistently positive responses and outcomes - see the 'testimonials' section! 

For more advanced students, lessons tend to vary a bit more depending on the student, what they are interested in learning and what specific skills might need more practice.

Examples of some things taught are:

- Blues, jazz or contemporary improvisation

- Chord theory as used in a modern, jazz or classical context

- Challenging guitar songs in a variety of genres

- Expanding knowledge of keys, scales, modes and arpeggios over the fretboard

- Advanced picking and fingerpicking techniques

- Songwriting and composition

- Getting the best tone out of your guitar

Lessons are $40 for half an hour and $70 for an hour.

Groups of 2 are $25 per person for half an hour or $40 for one hour.

Groups of 3 or more are $20 per person for half an hour or $30 for one hour.

Lessons are available weekly, fortnightly, or on a casual basis.